What we offer

CoachHive makes you feel like you have your own PA. With an efficient booking system taking the admin weight off your shoulders.

Align your clients
with clear objectives,
roadmaps and activities

Our roadmaps give you the right streamlined set up to quickly plan your activities and know instantly how each client is doing. Right within CoachHive you can ask clients to give you an update, helping you to keep them accountable and to easily track their targets and goals.

With roadmaps you can choose from a pre provided selection of activities created from our coaching knowledge bank. Or you can create your own activities to tailor your coaching even further. Including asking multi-choice questions, a scale rating or simply completing a form.

All in one secure
online platform

There are multiple benefits to being able to look after your coaching business in one central place. It allows for efficiency for every step of the coaching journey. Freeing up time from any admin tasks, with communication streamlined, activities planned and roadmaps organised with your own personal touch. Giving you the flexibility and control to grow your coaching business in a manageable and productive way.


You’ve got questions? We’ve got the answers

The CoachHive system is tailored with you in mind. It allows you to use your own logo and brand colours so it is bespoke to you. There are also separate dashboards and logins for both the client and the coach.

Firstly if you are unsure if CoachHive is for you, we would recommend taking up the trial which gives you the ability to test run for yourself all our features and functions to see if it is right for you. CoachHive provides the ability to take away admin heavy tasks that are slowing you down, it is like having your own PA. You can streamline all your processes whilst giving that personal touch. If you are ready to scale your coaching business, CoachHive provides the ability to do just that.

The provided trial allows you access to use all the features we offer which are available too if you choose to sign up to CoachHive following your trial. We offer the trial so you can get to know how the system works before committing to signing up. Once you have signed up you have the option to upgrade or reduce the level of features at any time.

Using CoachHive provides the right tools to help you scale your business, in a personal way. However, it is not recommended to replace any 1-2-1 sessions. Instead, it is there to help your business grow, increase efficiencies throughout the coaching journey and provide a personal service, without compromise.

A roadmap in CoachHive is a set of activities which you plan for the client which are progressed through on their coaching journey. This could be a 7 day roadmap or longer with a variety of activities that you have set them. The benefit of CoachHive is you can then quickly and easily monitor their progression of any activities set such as training or assessments. Activities themselves are the specific items which formulate and create the roadmap. For example asking them to complete particular questions or to complete a reading task.

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